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About Us

At KR HR Solutions, we're passionate about people and organizations. Our mission is to empower businesses by optimizing their human resources practices. With our seasoned HR expert, we offer tailored solutions to address your unique challenges and elevate your workforce.​​

What Sets Us Apart

Scalable Services: From ad-hoc HR support to comprehensive projects and development, we scale our services to meet your needs. Whether you're a startup or a mid-sized establishment, we've got you covered.


Actionable Insights: Our HR assessments provide actionable insights. We analyze your current practices, identify gaps, and recommend practical improvements to elevate your workforce. Let data drive your decisions.


Compliance and Best Practices: Navigating HR regulations can be complex. We keep you compliant across all industries, ensuring your policies align with legal requirements.

Our Approach

Strategic Vision: We work closely with you to develop an effective HR strategy aligned with your overall business goals. Our assessments serve as a starting point for all of our offered solutions so we can create the most effective path to success.


Practical Recommendations: Drawing from our comprehensive analyses, we provide practical recommendations. Expect increased consistency, organizational flexibility, and improved compliance.


Effective Execution: We do the hard work for you. Whether the focus is administrative, employee-focused, or project-based, you can sit back and relax knowing our team is working hard to structure your company for long-term success.

Let Us Provide Simplified Solutions

Join us on this journey toward better organizational well-being! Contact us today to discuss which of our HR solutions will simplify your organization.

Professional HR Consultant working on a laptop

Kayla is the mastermind behind KR HR Solutions, LLC. With almost a decade of experience, Kayla brings a fresh perspective to conventional HR practices and is committed to crafting an expert blend of tradition and modernity for her clients. With technical experience in multi-state HR administration & compliance, global HR administration, and benefits administration, among other skills, Kayla is the ideal choice for your organization's HR consulting needs. Her areas of HR expertise are Employee Administration, Project Management, and Process Development and Improvement.​​

She holds a Masters degree in Human Resource Management from Colorado State University and a Bachelors degree in Human Communication from the University of Central Florida. She is currently earning her PHR certification from the HRCI.

Kayla resides in Central Florida with her supportive family, two loving children, and loyal dog. She enjoys reading, fiber arts, and baking.

Kayla Ramsay, Founder & Lead Consultant

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