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With multiple products and execution methods, we've got just the resolution you need to enhance your HR operations. 

By the Hour

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Recruitment & Talent Acquisition

We'll develop a clear and compelling employer brand that showcases your values, culture, and vision by crafting job descriptions to attract qualified and diverse applicants. We'll also manage screening and interviewing candidates using proven methods and tools as well as negotiating and extending offers that align with preset budgets.


With our Recruitment & Talent Acquisition solution, you can focus less on finding the right talent and more on driving your business forward.

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Administrative Support

We'll process benefits enrollment, maintain employee records and compliance, handle employee inquiries and requests, coordinate training and development programs, and provide reports and analytics on HR metrics.


With our Administrative Support solution, you can focus on your core business activities and strategic goals while ensuring that your HR operations run smoothly and efficiently. You'll also enjoy the flexibility and scalability of having a consultant who can adapt to your changing needs and requirements.

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Employee Maintenance

We'll strategize your company's employee retention and development. By designing and implementing effective performance appraisal and management systems, providing coaching and mentoring to employees and managers, creating and administering employee surveys and feedback mechanisms, developing and delivering recognition and reward programs, and addressing employee issues and grievances, we'll ensure that your employees are cared for, recognized, and, above all, heard.


Our Employee Maintenance solution can help improve your employee satisfaction, loyalty, and productivity, while reducing turnover and absenteeism. 

Project Packages

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Compliance Analysis

We'll ensure that your organization is compliant with the latest laws and regulations in the HR field by identifying and mitigating the risks and liabilities associated with your current HR policies and practices. 


We'll conduct audits and assessments of your HR processes and documentation, provide guidance and recommendations on how to comply with federal, state, and local laws and regulations, develop and implement compliance training and education programs for your employees and managers, monitor and report on the effectiveness and impact of your compliance initiatives, and resolve any compliance issues or disputes that may arise.

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Employee Handbook

We'll create a handbook that is clear, consistent, and compliant with the relevant laws and regulations.


By using plain language and best practices, incorporating your organization's mission, vision, values, and goals, and aligning the handbook with the current HR trends and standards, we'll ensure the creation of a comprehensive and effective handbook that communicates your expectations and obligations to your employees, while also showcasing your organizational culture and brand. You can also avoid potential legal issues and disputes that may arise from unclear or outdated handbook policies and practices.

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Implementation Management

We'll deliver your complex HR projects on time, on budget, and on scope. Our team will coordinate and oversee the planning, execution, monitoring, and closing of HR projects for your organization, including managing communication, risks, and stakeholders involved in the project lifecycle. Our Implementation Management solution is the perfect choice for managing the installation(s) of a Human Resource Information System, Performance Management System, Applicant Tracking System, and many other services and platforms.

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Training Content

We'll design, develop, and implement training courses on various topics, such as leadership, communication, teamwork, diversity, customer service, and more.
We use a variety of delivery methods, such as webinars, conference calls, and interactive PDF packets, to ensure that your employees learn and apply the best practices.

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Policies & Processes

We'll ensure that your HR practices are compliant with the latest laws and regulations through policy and process creation, review, and improvement.
We'll develop and document HR policies and processes that align with your business strategy, culture, and values.
We will also help you communicate and implement them effectively across your organization.

Need a different solution?

Let us know! We'll strategically develop a customized solution to meet your business's needs.

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